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We are the student chapter of the American Chemical Society at the University of California, Berkeley. Our goal is to improve the academic and professional development of all undergraduates while fostering a sense of community among our members and the UC Berkeley chemistry community. In order to achieve this, we provide academic & professional resources through info-sessions, workshops, panels & talks, networking events, and mentoring & advising. Be sure to check out our events!

Are you a company, organization, or academic institution looking to offer internships or other opportunities with ACS@Berkeley to UC Berkeley students? We would love to partner with you! Please submit an inquiry through this form or emailing acsberkeley@gmail.com.

Recent Event Spotlight

ACS@Berkeley co-hosted the College of Chemistry's How to Get Involved at Research event on October 4, 2021. This event was sponsored by CoC Dean John Arnold and featured other CoC professors, LBNL staff scientists, and graduate students who spoke about how to find and reach out to get a research position!

This online panel-style event attracted a large group of undergraduate students and we hope that everyone came out of the event with new ideas of how to get involved in research during their time at UC Berkeley.

Watch the full recording of the event using the Youtube link to the right!

Meet an Officer!

Nhi Tran
ACS@Berkeley President
Chemical Engineering

Fun fact: My favorite food is frog with lemongrass. It tastes like exercised chicken. It’s really good!

Research/Industrial Experience: At the Long Group, I study the fundamental aspects of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs), a new class of highly crystalline porous materials potentially useful for clean energy applications such as carbon capture, hydrogen storage and industrial gas separation. In particular, I study how the choice of precursors and reaction conditions can introduce different morphology, defect sites, and crystallinity. While MOF nanocrystals have been under active investigation for the past few years, their mechanisms and crystal formation processes have not been well-understood. So I am really excited about what my research can contribute to this developing field of modern material applications!

Favorite ACS Memory: ACS and Evening With Industry! With the help of the Corporate Outreach committee and many other officers, I was able to make my dream of hosting large-scale networking events come true. It even happened during the pandemic! This was something I never thought would happen because it was out of my comfort zone, but with the support from my favorite people, it became a huge success with 180 participants, including 50 professionals from 33 companies around the US. If you are interested in networking and learning more about industry, keep an eye out for the return of this event this year!

Advice for undergrads: Make as many friends as you can and take as many classes as possible outside your college because it will be hard to do that in your final year.

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