Have a question about ACS@Berkeley as a student, research lab member or company? Check out this list below and see if it's been answered! If not, please email us at acsberkeley@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Q: What is ACS@Berkeley and what do you do?
A: ACS@Berkeley is the Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society at UC Berkeley. Our goal is to improve the academic and professional development of all undergraduates while fostering a sense of community among our members and the UC Berkeley chemistry community. In order to achieve this, we provide academic & professional resources through info-sessions, workshops, panels & talks, networking events, and mentoring & advising. In addition, we also promote chemistry throughout our local community through education & outreach efforts at local schools and community colleges. By making research and internship opportunities more accessible and providing our members with educational outreach opportunities and career advancement resources, ACS@Berkeley positions our members to be leaders at the forefront of their respective fields. 

Q: How is ACS@Berkeley different from other College of Chemistry organizations?
A: ACS@Berkeley works on providing students with both the tools to succeed professionally and academically while fostering a strong sense of community among the greater chemistry community, regardless of chemistry sub-field. Our events and industry connections are also more diverse (including but not limited to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, consumer products, and consulting), allowing students to explore different opportunities depending on individual interest.

For Students

Q: How can I get involved with ACS@Berkeley?
A: Being a committee member is the best way to be involved in ACS@Berkeley! Check out the Recruitment page for more information.

Q: Do I need to be an ACS@Berkeley member in order to attend ACS@Berkeley events?
A: No! Any student can attend ACS@Berkeley events.

Q: What is the commitment like for an ACS@Berkeley member?
A: This varies depending on the committee you sign up for. Generally, events (which members are encouraged to attend) are around 2 hours long, and individual committee work may take longer.

Q: I noticed that this organization is a chapter of the American Chemical Society. Do I need to be American or a US citizen to join?
A: No, any UC Berkeley student is welcome to join regardless of citizenship status or national affiliation.

For Faculty/Laboratory Members

Q: I am a UC Berkeley faculty/principal investigator/post-doctoral scholar/graduate student and I would like to promote my laboratory's research/class/offer a lab tour/offer an undergraduate position. How can I do this?
A: We would love to hold an event with you! Please send an inquiry by emailing acsberkeley@gmail.com.

For Industry/Companies

Q: I would like to promote my company's work and offer internships with ACS@Berkeley to UC Berkeley students. How can I do this?
A: We would love to partner with you! Please send an inquiry by emailing acsberkeley@gmail.com.