LBNL x ACS@Berkeley Poster Session

At the LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) x ACS@Berkeley Poster Session held on February 14, 2020, students had the chance to engage with LBNL scientists about their research during a poster session held in the lobby of the Chemistry Library.

Special thanks to all the LBNL researchers who presented!

Understanding and Optimizing Electrochemical Technologies
John Petrovick, Chemical Engineering Ph.D. candidate
Weber Group
High Temperature In-operando Structural Characterization at the Advanced Light Source
Andrew Doran
Advanced Light Source
Polymer Chemistry for the Circular Economy
Jacob Zamojc, Undergraduate research affiliate
Christopher Chan, Undergraduate research affiliate
Helms Group
Photo-induced phase segregation in mixed halide perovskites
Eloise Masquelier, Research associate
Sutter-Fella Group
Transport of neutral and charged solutes in imidazolium- functionalized poly(phenylene oxide) membranes for artificial photosynthesis
Sarah M. Dischinger, Post-doctoral scholar
Daniel J. Miller, Staff scientist
Miller Group
Ultrafast time-resolved photoelectron and ion fragment momentum imaging of vacuum ultraviolet-excited molecules
Kirk Larsen, AS&T Ph.D. candidate
Slaughter Group
Ultrafast Transient Polarization Spectroscopy of Electronically Excited Molecular Systems
Richard Thurston, Physical Chemistry Ph.D. candidate
Slaughter Group
Exploring Chemistry and Morphology of Soft Materials with Energy-Tunable X-rays
Gregory Su, Post-doctoral scholar
Drisdell and Wang Groups
A Detailed Kinetic Analysis of Ultrafast Spectroscopies From Ruthenium Polypyridyl Dyes
Thomas Cheshire, Post-doctoral scholar
Houle Group
Photocathode materials for light driven CO 2 reduction
Guiji Liu, Post-doctoral scholar
Toma Group
Gas-Phase Reactions with Actinide Complexes:
Understanding the Bottom of the Periodic Table
Mariah Parker, Post-doctoral scholar
Gibson Group
Monitoring photoinduced charge carrier dynamics in Gold nanoparticle–sensitized TiO 2 with picosecond time-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Johannes Mahl, Physics Ph.D. candidate
Gessner Group
Metallacyclic actinide catalysts for dinitrogen conversion to ammonia and secondary amines
Francis Lam, Chemistry Ph.D. candidate
Amy Kynman, Chemistry Ph.D. candidate
Arnold Group
The BioActinide Group
Carla D. McKinley, Chemistry Ph.D. candidate
Abergel Group
Atomic Scale Imaging and Engineering of Polymer Crystals
Sunting Xuan, Post-doctoral scholar
Zuckermann Group