Why should I do research at Berkeley?

Research can not only earn you a couple credits towards an Allied Subject Requirement and allow you to help advance new discoveries at a world renowned public research university like UC Berkeley, but it can also be fun and rewarding! Below, ACS@Berkeley officers have told us their favorite memorable moments while conducting research.

"My favorite moment in lab was the first time I confirmed by NMR that I had synthesized my product. It was great to see my hard work and lab skills translated into a successful reaction and pure product!"

~Rachel Soong, 2020-2021 President
Alumni (Christopher Chang Group)

"My favorite internship experience has been presenting my research at a group meeting for the first time. It was such a fulfilling moment for me, because it was the culmination of my summer research and I got great feedback from lab members."

~Brianna Aguilar, 2020-2021 Education Chair
Alumni (Neuscamman Group)